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Photos during the project (9th - 18th april 2011)


Photos from a street show (16th april 2011)


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What's up! - 11th march 2011 in Ploiesti

What's up! - project launch

Urban Culture in Sinaia



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What's Up!" was the first project organised by 4YOUNG Association from Ploiesti City, Romania, which was funded by the European Commission through the "Youth in Action" Programme, 3.1a- sub-Action Youth Exchange.

Graffiti seen as a nuisance or costly vandalism , requiring repair for the vandalized property, street music, street gangs, recording studios almost nonexistent, street life, an image that contributes to a general feeling of fear for crime. Some believe that this state of decay encourages further vandalism and promotes an environment that can lead to serious crimes. In Romania graffiti is prone to social pressure coming from various forms of art already popular.

Our project attempted to change this negative image of street culture showing  through dance, music, graffiti and photography that young people of different religion, race, culture or ethnic origin, working together and using their creativity, can send a positive message to the community.

We noticed that through dance, music, graffiti and photography we can reach a common language with young people in any community. Street art can be the most powerful platform to reach the public.

4 workshops: breakdance, graffiti, beatbox and photography held in Sinaia between 9 to 18 April 2011. 

Why What's Up! ? Because it's a greeting especially used by  followers of street culture,a greeting that united 35 young people coming from 5 countries: Serbia, Malta, Macedonia, Poland and Romania. All of them were hosted at "House Duca" in Sinaia, a welcoming host as the Sinaia City  Hall that provided us the gym hall and the Casino.

On 16th April 2011 we had a street performance that highlighted the achievements of young people from 5 different countries. They used public space Ghica Park, the exhibition hall for graffiti, pictures taken during the different project activities, offered a demonstration of breakdance music performed by young people supported by beatbox workshop.

Through   What's Up!  we brought  to the forefront  two of the four elements of hip-hop culture: breakdance and graffiti. Relation between music and dance is the essence of hip-hop, so we integrated  beatbox, considered the 5th element of street culture, and photography related to graffiti. 

Project  activities  and  non formal education methods that were used contributed to the social and personal development of young people. Through videos, PowerPoint presentations and open discussions each partner organization shared aspects of poverty and social exclusion cases present in their communities. The open discussions were focused on poverty ,participants shared ways of including young people with fewer opportunities using elements of urban culture.

What's up! gave new possibilities of achievement ,expression and aspiration to each participant.


Marinela Baciu

Project Coordinator


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