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ESD Go On!

Project Launch

The change required by the EU for "Sustainable Development" can only come from education, a new type of education that requires new resources.

Existing crises in education do not provide the required resources to transform education towards sustainable development.

In the context of global issues, reorienting education requires effort from all stakeholders - governments, ministries etc but primarily from those who actually work with youth : youth workers , teachers etc.

The course "ESD Go On!" addressed this category and brought together 30 youth workers from 9 countries that cooperated for 8 days in Romania.

“ESD Go ON! “ was a project financed by European Comission through ERASMUS+ Programme and the activities were carried out between 2-9 September 2014 in Vălenii de Munte ,Prahova.

The purpose of "ESD Go On" was increasing awareness of youth workers towards global issues, the impact that they have on their lives and their communities and propose through educational materials it contains, a model for action at individual, community and global levels.

Using non formal methods , under the guidance of two international trainers, participants conducted the activities in order to achieve the specific objectives:

- development of future oriented-thinking;
- development of a responsible behavior towards resources;
- development of skills to initiate change;
- setting a communication network to contribute in changing mentalities and attitudes in communities.

The schedule of the course was designed as to produce a change in the cognitive, emotional and behavioral level of participants. Benefits obtained regarding competences conceptually - Youthpass certification, participants received the necessary resources to produce a positive impact in their organizations, at their place of work , in the community.

The network between partner organisations will provide constantly to participants an exchange of good practices for all those interested in reorienting education and in multiplying the project.


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